Let’s Get Lost

18812437Title: Let’s Get Lost

Author: Adi Alsaid

Number of Pages: 338

Fiction! (As a side note, the non-fiction unit was cool, but I have such a deep and abiding love for fiction that everything else pales in comparison. I’m so excited!)

Plot Overview: Traversing the country on a road trip to see the Northern Lights, Leila turns up in the lives of four others when they need her most. In Vicksburg, Mississippi, she meets Hudson, an auto mechanic with a heart of gold. Just outside of Kansas City, she picks up runaway and petty thief Bree, who savors every moment on the open road while trying not to look back on the life she left. Elliot, rejected on prom night by his best friend, tumbles into Leila’s life when she almost hits him with her car. And finally Sonia, whose life peeled out of control when her boyfriend collapsed on a basketball court two months ago. However, unbeknownst to them, they have helped her as much as she has helped them.

What I Liked: Hudson’s story was the best – it felt the most real. When he interacted with Leila and/or his father, it felt light, funny, authentic; it could have happened in real life. Next to that, Bree was a fun character to read about (although her story was subpar). And Leila, for all her faults, was a wonderfully witty constant throughout the loony journey.

What I disliked: Bree’s story was a little far-fetched; this book definitely requires some significant suspension of disbelief. As a little kid, we probably all threatened to run away from home at some point, but it was very rare that anyone actually went through with it, so to have a character who ran away from a troubled home to hitchhike around America was hard to stomach. There’s a part of me that loves Bree’s nomadic character, but the setup felt too unrealistic for me to truly appreciate her. Both Sonia’s and Elliot’s stories felt repetitive and one-dimensional. They kept butting their heads against their problems, never learning from their mistakes. It was a true slog. And Leila’s backstory was a little disappointing/cheesy (another willing suspension of disbelief moment).

Other Notes: Alsaid has also written Somewhere Over the Sun and Never Always Sometimes.

Other Reviews: The best, most in-depth review that I could find from this book comes from Tabitha at notyetread.com. You can find her take here.

Final Verdict: Show up for Hudson, stay for Bree, and leave after that. Alternatively, you can take your chances slogging through the stories of Elliot and Sonia.



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